House Rules

For money we will use the “I’d buy that for a dollar!” rules from Sharkbytes Issue #1 page 53

For ammo we will use the Allies ammo rules on page 98. Wild Cards start at Very High and this is seperate for each weapon. Essentially it is like having 3 clips for each gun. You don’t need to buy ammo or worry about encumbrance from ammo except in special circumstances. The level returns to Very High when the WCs have time to resupply.

For Cyberware we will use the AB (Cyberware) from the SciFi Gear Toolkit. My one change is: There is a limit on cyberware based on your Spirit die. If you go beyond that you must make a Spirit roll with a Target Number based on the difference between your limit and the current amount of cyberware installed. Success and you’re fine. Success and a raise you lower the recorded burden to the level of your Spirit die. Failure and you lose 1 point of reason. Rolling a 1 on the Spirit die reguardless of the Wild die you lose 1 point of Reason and gain the Berserk Edge.

Other Arcane Backgrounds change as follows: AB(Magic) becomes experimental cyberware and uses the arcane skill: Cybernetics(Smarts). AB(Miracles) is not appropriate for this campaign. AB(Psionics) stays the same. AB(Super Powers) becomes genetic engineering. AB(Weird Science) stays the same.

For Weapons, Armor, and Gear give them cyberpunk trappings.

EMP weapons knock out all electronics until a repair roll is made. For those with cyberware, EMPs can cause nonlethal damage as well. Roll damage and ignore armor for damage.

Drug Addiction: Using Boost (Cocaine), Black Lace (Morphine), and Blue Glass (Opium) can cause addiction. after each use make a Spirit roll. Success = no addiction but the Target Number increases by 1 for the next time the drug is taken. Success and a raise = same as success but no increase to the TN. Failure = Major Habit Hindrance. Roll natural 1 on the Spirit die = overdose, incapacitated fatigue level and Death in 1 hour without treatment.

Grit: PCs gain +1 per Rank to Guts Skill rolls

House Rules

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